Stanceworks does Utah Pt. 1

So I've been putting off writing this trip report mainly because I think my friend Mike did such a good job on his report that I feel like this is going to be redundant! That said if you haven't read Mike's article you should:

I think I'm gonna back off on the writing because I've posted almost this same trip a couple of times now so I feel like you should read Mike's take on it to get a fresh perspective. That said I'm gonna post some photos I took from the first couple of days then will do another post with more.

Also my trip started out a little earlier than Mike's, I left Thursday night to meet up with my good friends from Nor Cal who were out in Mojave for the weekend plus I got a sneak peek of the new Vagabond Drifter!

So we had to stop in St. George to meet up with Graeme to pick up my new camper! Production unit 001 - not gonna go too much into this now because I'm working on a full review that'll be out soon but to say that I'm very stoked would be an understatement!

Had to start the trip off at the falls, we lucked out and it wasn't packed plus we got to see our friend Steve and some of his friends! I've known Steve for like 12 years now and hadn't seen him in forever so it was awesome to hang out and have him jump onto the trip with us!

Next day we had to make a stop by the slot canyons I like going to, it's a great place to experience slot canyons without the tour guides and lines.

From here we hit the road to our next camp spot which I had been to before and was pleasantly surprised to find that there was no one there! The last time I was there a bunch of people were camping and house boats were parked along the shore so the solitude was a nice surprise which I think was due to the water level rising and creating a pretty big mud pit to get through.