Eastern Sierras November 2017

So my buddy who's went to school for Geology asked if I'd take him and his gf on a trip a while back and we both had this past weekend free so we made a plan to meet up with a bunch of friends off the 395. We left SB around 12:30pm on Friday and headed north to our meeting spot where we got in and promptly made dinner than hung around the fire till the rest of the crew could arrive. Any photo with me in it was taken by Keith.

We woke up the next morning and tried to plan out the day but the group was divided, some wanted to hike and some wanted to wheel so we split up and headed off in two separate groups, I lead the wheeling group up a trail near Bishop that I like. It's a fun trail that's easy but very scenic and lands you on top of a ridge at about 10,800ft with a little lake and a small sand dune. Airing down at the staging area:

Heading back to town to get dinner and then find camp to meet up with the hikers:

Sunday we all split off to head home but my two friends, my GF and I stopped off along the 395 and just went up roads to look at certain geological sites my friend wanted to see which was awesome cause he just dropped knowledge on us the whole way! I am also constantly looking for new swim spots and campsites so I was doing my own surveying and came across some awesome stuff:

And Alabama Hills is always a must stop on the way home just to look for reptiles and take some pics, I never get tired of exploring around here despite how many people are there.

All in all it was such a fun weekend and I can't wait to get back out with everyone again soon.